Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dragster, The Past, and More!

 This dragster, which my dad photographed at Half Moon Bay, California in 1965 has an amazing history.  Read more about it here.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Ok happy blog readers.  I'm sure today's post will cause you to be thankful you tuned in before you burned out.  Don't you love change?  Not the spare change mixed in with the lint of your pocket, but the changes that keep our lives exciting and new.  For me, the change of seasons, business opportunities, the role of photography in my life, the happy household, are always shifting and demanding to be redefined, considered, and responded to.  I sure enjoy riding my mountain bike.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Print sales.  Here's some fine art print sales that have recently recently transpired:

Sold, 12"x37" for $450 at the Silver Eye auction.

Sold #2/5 for $600 from Photo Eye gallery in Santa Fe.                                        


Sold, 40"x108" for $1,500 to a retail store.                                            

 If you are interested in acquiring an original Dunker print, please contact one of these fine galleries:                              


More Great News:  Dunker Imaging is featured on LexJet's Blog!  Its a fine article, check it out.



We photographed this pastel "River Bend" by one of our favorite artists, Colleen Howe.  We  thought it was so nice we wanted to share it with you.  You can see more work by Colleen Howe and other artists here.


     Original organic work by Owen Mortensen of phylumdesign.  We photograph and make print editions for Owen.  He's awesome and makes great work, always progressing.

                                                                                  What a great looking group of people!  Met Life Home Loans here in Logan had Dunker Imaging update their portraits.  Need a loan?  Check 'em out!


                                                                              We've been generating digital files for 3-form out of Salt Lake City.  These large digital files are printed on an acetate and then encapsulated in acrylic.  These 4x8 foot acrylic panels are used by architects and interior designers around the world.  We are so stoked to be providing this service to 3-form.  It's an interesting application of photography.  We love solving problems like this.                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                                        Dunker Imaging made this portrait of Mike Clark, the new CEO of Logan Regional Hospital.  Cool dude, great facility.

And, that's me, on the right, with my mom and little sister in fron of an oil rig.  Early industrial influences...  Thanks for looking, see you soon!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Howdy Y'all!  Thanks for stopping by, here's some stuff to entertain your peepers you while you're here!
First, A SHOW!  Yes indeedy, 511 Gallery in Lake Placid is showing cars and motorcycles I've shot over the years.  We made the prints on a 'metalic' paper and then had them coated with not one, not two, but three layers of polyurethane which creates a rich shimmery effect.  The prints are mounted to aluminum with a c-channel subframe attached to the back.  Real nice objects and cool images.

We photographed auto-belay systems for Spectrum Sports here in Logan.  These devices allow users to climb without another person on belay. 
Here's a painting by Mike Parillo.  We imaged this art which will be used as textile graphics for Quicksilver.

We imaged packaging for ProBar based in Park City.  The images had to conform to their vendor's very specific requirements in order to be integrated into their cataloging and stocking system.  These are tasty and healthy treats.
Also, the BYU Museum of Art has acquired a set of Kallitypes from the 'Modern Ruins' series I made in 1994-1995 in pursuit of my MFA here at Utah State University.  This is the second suite of prints accessioned into the museums's permanent collection. 

Thanks for your support, and please keep Dunker Imaging in mind for any imaging needs you might have.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Food and a Kid

Hamilton's, a local steak and seafood resturaunt retained our services to create some new images of their updated menu.  Here's some yummy solutions:

An image we created for soft blocks, packaging for WalMart.  We had kids rumpussing in the studio for 3 days!  It was a fandango! 

We'll be shooting more cars here real soon for the "Things We Love" exhibit to be held at the 511 Gallery in Lake Placid.  Please take a peek at my new book, "Industrial Culture."  It is super so nice!
All the components of spring are present, so I guess it's spring time:  soccer, biking, warmth, longer days, grass...  Thanks for stopping by, see you soon.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Auction and Me

I was gonna go shredding today, but circumstances worked out to where tomorrow will be better, we've just got 12-16" fresh inches at upper elevations with another 5"-9" expected today, and another storm scheduled for the weekend!
OK, here's your chance to own a fine dunker print and support a great photography institution:

Here's a shot of the aluminum oxide cloud generated by the firing of the final static test of the space shuttle booster at Promontory, Utah:

And some images of me at work!  Shooting at the Carrie Furnace in Pittsburgh.  Thanks for the foto Kathy!

And here's me styling a cute white husky for WalMart packing! 

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the spring!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monsters and Cars

     About 12 years ago I bought this pack of late 60's Japanese movie cards from the DI.  Really weird creatures which are really just dudes in wacky costumes smashing scaled down model cities.  I remember when Giant Robot came on the TV, we'd look forward to it all week.  It was a real special event to a 7 year old.  I mean, the robot shot rocket fire from his fingers so he could fly.  I think these monsters embody the consequence of nuclear attacks as manifested in mutated animal forms like a giant mole or a creepy alien dude whose head looks like the grill of a Rolls Royce Phantom III.

Speaking of cars, we photographed some sweeties last weekend.  The images were to be displayed at the Lake Placid branch of the 511 Gallery, but I just got news that the gallery was closing its doors and the exhibit, tentatively titled, "American Steel" was put on hold or canceled depending on whether or not the gallery relocates.

1970 Challenger and 2008 F350 owned by Cody Fredricks.

 Todd's Camaro

Glen Hansen's 1955 Bel Aire

 We photographed this in our Logan studio.  I took the trailer on our 3 day White Rim mountain bike ride.  The trailer worked great.  We towed it over some pretty gnarly 4wd terrain with no problems.  It also provided us with welcome shelter and extra hauling capacity.

In case you didn't see it, here's the photo I took of Cam Miller's Buick Riviera that received a runner up in their photo contest...

Thanks for reading and looking!  Please call me with any imaging needs you have.  I have lots of display prints for sale, ranging from Geneva Steel prints from the show at BYU Museum of Art, and several other gallery shows...  Please stop by and check them out in our gallery located at 656N 600W in beautiful logan utah!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Test, Link, and Hot Rod.

Just a quick blast to entertain you for a brief moment.  This fitness shot demonstrates the lighting effect of the 'jumbrella', a 8' tall umbrella with silver reflecting material in it.  Styling by Machelle Bindrup and post production by Katie Burton at Dunker Imaging.
If you haven't read this, here's a link to a story about "The Shutdown and Dismantling of Geneva Steel" posted in the Deseret News in March 2008:

Dunker Imaging photographed 1967 Buick Riviera for Cam at HS Customs in Smithfield.  We got a 'runner up'!  Check it:

Here's another image from the Pittsburgh Project.  I will make a silver print of this image and donate it to the Silver Eye Center for Photography's fund raiser.  Buy it! 


These guys are cool:
More to follow soon, we've got a bunch in the hopper!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pittsburgh and Interiors

I've got some images from my trip to Pittsburgh in this installment.  Informed by many influences including Gene Smith's Pittsburgh Project, Charles Sheeler, Joel Meyerowitz, John Pfal,  Dusseldorf School, the New Topographics and many others, the images attempt to define my relationship with industrial culture.  My approach to these industrial landscapes and structures is affectionate, soft, and in obeyance to the formal qualities of these objects of utility.  Pittsburgh has been photographed many times by many of the greatest photographers.  What could I do with this subject that hasn't already been done?  I set out to create images which are tempered with history as evidenced by previous photographic projects as well as create a visual document of the state of Pittsburgh's industrial culture as it stands in the winter of 2009.  The Pittsburgh I discovered is quiet in comparison to the dynamic and charged "Smokey City" of  the first part of the 1900s.  Many mills have been replaced with open space or commerce centers.  But there is still activity.  Clairton Works and Edgar Thompson plants are producing, but still my approach is forced by access, I'd jump at any opportunity to image the blast furnaces and casters at Edgar Thompson!
I'll be working on new American bike and car shots during the next few weeks, I've got a print showing at "The Living Room" in Salt Lake City, another in a salon showing in SLC.  I'll be preparing prints for a Memorial Day show at The 511 Gallery in Lake Placid.  I've also been art directing and directing web videos for fitness equipmet, which I love doing.  My new book, "Industrial Culture" is moving along, seems like there's always something to add to it, but stay tuned, it will get finished, it will!  It WILL!!


Here's some interior shots I made for Michele Dunker Interiors.


And some shots for Isimplifit's fitness pose directory...

Thanks for visiting!  I'll up some more images soon, we've been busy...  Dunker Imaging is a full service imaging vendor, delivering images on time, on budget with no hassles.